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Plato RAC Track


Plato RAC Track, an easy to use web-based tracking tool. No installation or IT resources required just a user name and password that’s it! With Plato RAC Track you have the ability to track RAC requests from beginning through:

  • Rebuttal
  • Appealed
  • Won!

Let Plato RAC Track keep track of all your outcomes. The easy to use tracking software includes some of the following capabilities:

  • Use Plato RAC Track to monitor other audits e.g. MIC, CERT, PERM etc.
  • Track RAC requests, daily or weekly, by account or patient, date of receipt, type of request, etc...
  • Auto-Populate demographic info from ADT data
  • Monitor original amount billed, suggested, and finalized amount
  • Report on open requests, tasks due, activities by request, appeals, denials and more
  • Track, trend, and predict RAC vulnerabilities using the latest in Artificial Intelligence technologies
  • Powerful Analyzer “Cube” provides n-dimensional view of data anyway you want it simply by dragging and dropping.
  • EHR Integration
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